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10 Things you should
know about
Christian churches

By gctpam
December 2018
So many people today make the claim that they are in christian churches. I have not taken a poll, but I really believe if you asked 100 religious people are they in a Christian church they would say yes.

11 Key Beliefs of Christianity when It Comes
to Doctrine.

By gctpam | December 2018
Here are 11 Key Beliefs of Christianity when it comes to doctrine. Ready to learn about the key beliefs of Christianity? For some reason people like to discount doctrine. They say things like, doctrine doesn’t matter, or if you share the word with someone they’re quick to say, “ you’ll just talking about the doctrine.”

11 Reasons why
people love a
charismatic church

By gctpam | December 2018
Why do people seek out and have a fascination with mega churches and churches that are charismatic? If you ask some, “Are you looking for a church based on Bible teaching?” They will probably tell you they’re looking for a charismatic church!

50 reasons why I’m a
member of the church of

By gctpam
December 2018
50 Reasons Why I’m A Member of the Church of Christ. In this article I will break down the top 50 reasons why I’m a member of the church of Christ. If you are a member of the Lord’s church, I hope this article will encourage you to be faithful to the Lord and his cause

8 Church
Programs For

By gctpam | December 2018
8 Church Programs for churches of Christ 2019 For the Furtherance of God’s Kingdom Mission: The Lord’s church is the most important organism on the face of the earth. It is so important that Christ died for her and will return for her one day. Act 20:28, I Thessalonians 4:1.

beliefs of

By gctpam | December 2018
Do you have doubts about Christianity? Take a look at 11 basic beliefs of Christianity that will totally crush your doubt into 10,000 pieces You’ll be enlighten after you read this. Always use scripture, after-all, that’s our standard of authority in all matters today! Did you know that the Bible doesn’t use the term Christianity?

of Christ

By gctpam
December 2018
I can’t and will not try to answer for every member of the church, but I will give you a bible answer. In short, most congregations of the churches of Christ use the Bible as their only standard for doctrinal matters. We believe that all scripture is God breathed

Church of Christ Dating Site
VS Old School Back in the Day Tactics

By gctpam | December 2018
What’s the best way for singles in the church to meet other Christians or their future spouse? Is it the tried and true old school methods or is it the new technology driven methods? Is it meeting on a church of Christ dating

Finding the
right Bible
study guide

By gctpam | December 2018
Bible Study Guide. Ok, you need a few tools to help you with your Bible study. We all can use good tools that will help us better understand the word of God. How many times have you read the English version and then heard the Greek.


By gctpam
December 2018
We help churches of Christ congregations and members with their outreach efforts. Our team will design and build landing pages, website creation, campaign creation, SEO, PPC, and social media services and Bible survey tools and more.

The church of Christ is not
the International church of

By gctpam | December 2018
Here’s a little information on the International church of Christ taken from “cult Watch” The information is somewhat dated so check the facts for yourself. And, remember that no group is the authority it’s God and his word.

The vision for local
churches of Christ in the

By gctpam | December 2018
I think the opportunity for out reach for congregations of the churches of Christ is at an all time high. We have so many tools at our finger tips it’s amazing. It has never been so many tools so readily available in the history of the world.

What does the
church of Christ
believe in

By gctpam
December 2018
What does the church of Christ believe in?In this article I will share with you 10 things the ” church of Christ believe in”, as people say. I remember years ago on a contracting job. The guys would always have questions

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