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37 TALE – TALE SIGNS YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR BIBLE! Hello everyone, here’s a little article that was on my mind.  As Christians we have been commissioned to share the gospel with the world.  In an age of split second communication this is more than doable!!  Let’s get busy for the Lord.  I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about some of these. hahah.  We never stop learning….Ok, here we go….  
  1. You can’t find the book of Genesis!
  2. You have to depend on “Pastor” to tell you about the Bible
  3. You think the book of John refers to your childhood friend named John
  4. You don’t know that the Bible is made of 66 separate books
  5. You where surprised when you were told that Emmanuel is another name of Jesus (Matthew 1:23)
  6. You never knew that Apostle Peter had a wife – (1 Corinthians 9:5)
  7. You think the Garden of Eden was in the Florida? (Genesis 2:9&10)
  8. Really! You think Zipporah is a new bag designed by ZipLoc (wife of Moses, Exodus 18:2)
  9. You find it strange to believe that Mary, the mother of Jesus gave birth to other children (Mathew 13:55 – 56)
  10. The preacher announces the sermon is from Malachi and you think that he’s trying to trick you.
  11. You think the Lord’s Prayer is in the Book of Palms (Matthew 6:9 – 13)
  12. You believe there are 15 Commandments written in the book of Exodus (Exodus 20:2 – 17)
  13. You are not sure whether it is stated in the Bible “Thou shall not smoke”
  14. You can’t answer this simple question. “What is the longest chapter of the Bible?” – Psalm 119
  15. You think the Book of Paul is somewhere in the Bible
  16. You can’t recite John 3:16
  17. You never knew that Jesus wept – (John 11:35)
  18. You think John the Baptist was the founder of the Baptist church– (Matthew 3)
  19. You think Abraham wrote many books of the New Testament 
  20. “Step into your greatness someone is waiting for you to share your unique message, talents and gifts that only you have” – (Tracy Reid) You think this quote is from the Bible…..WRONG!!!
  1. You don’t know the four Gospel accounts in the New Testament
  2. You sincerely believe that “God helps those who help themselves” is a direct quote from the Bible
  3. Your minister refers to you as “Born Again” and you look puzzled !
  4. You think John the Baptist was one of the Apostles of Jesus (John 1:29 – 31)
  5. Your Sunday school teacher asks you “Who is the oldest person in the Bible?” and you went ahhhhh! (Genesis 5:27)
  6. You think that Shem, Ham and Japheth were the new members of your congregation (Genesis 6:10)
  7. You don’t know the name of the First Twins in the Bible (Genesis 25:25&26)
  8. You think that Shiprah and Puah are New Mineral Resources (Exodus 1:15)
  9. You called yourself Christian, but you don’t know the origin of the word you called yourself (Acts 1:26)
  1. You think the Holy Spirit is an Angel (Acts 2:1 – 5)
  2. You think there are 200 books of the Bible!
  3. Someone told you that they knew when Jesus was returning and you believed them.
  4. You don’t know the number of books that comprise the Greek New Testament
  5. You think the Island of Patmos was located next to Hawaii  (Revelation 1:19)
  6. You think carrying your Bible around means you are saved…
  7. You think Mordecai is a New action movie (Esther 2:5)
  8. Your Pastor mentions ‘Michael” in his sermon and your mind goes Straight to Michael Jackson (Jude 9)
I hope you enjoyed these.  GO to and go through our free Bible presentation and surveys.   God Loves You and Me!! Grady Jones

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