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We'll help you get Bible Study Leads (BSL)

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Let's reach lost souls online!

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3.2 Billion People

Do you realize that so many people are online and it increases everyday?  Many congregations are letting this tremendous opportunity slip through their finger tips.  We are working to change that.  Realize the opportunity!!

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Listing page Only $99 month!

People in your local area are searching religious keywords all the time.  Some of these include Bible study, Bible lessons, church near me, God, Jesus, and many other such terms.  Sadly, many denominations have scooped up these keyword, as a result, they have thousands of visitors to their websites.  This has to change starting now!  Your listing page will include information on the congregation such as times of worship and other programs.  But, it will include clear information on what the Bible teaches one must do to be saved and users can schedule a Bible study from the page.

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Drive Traffic

Our goal is to increase the number of online Bible Study Leads (BSL) you receive from your Listing Page.  You should expect BSLs everyday.  In order for this to happen, we must increase the traffic to the listing page and other landing pages that we create.  SEO, PPC and SMM are a few ways of generating traffic.  Search engine optimization, pay per click and social media marketing have the potential to produce  great results.

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Souls are waiting!

Did you know that souls are depending on us to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Jesus commanded us to preach the gospel to every creature.  That’s so doable with today’s communication.

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popular questions

Are you ready to reach lost souls in your community?

What is the purpose of the listing page?

The listing page will lhelp local seekers find you!  It doesn't matter if someone is searching on their tablets, desktop, or mobile.

What is the price of the listing page?


The price of the listing page is $99 per month.  This includes the hosting updating and forwarding of the Bible Study Leads (BSLs) who come through the listing page.

What are some of the other expenses?


Once your listing page is up and customize the way you like it, it's time to look at sending traffic to the page.  This can be done through local SEO, PPC, Native Ads, Social Media Marketing or other channels.  Request a proposal.

How can I get more traffic to my site?

Many congregations are using their websites for informational purposes only.  We are working overtime trying to change this trend.  We'll set up your site to get Bible Study Leads (BSLs) .  This will help you get visitors to the worship services and it will help people obey the gospel.

Who will design my sites?

We will handle the hosting and the design work needed for your listing pages and your landing pages and more.

How do I get Bible Study Leads (BSLs)

We set up the listing page and the landing pages with the goal of getting people to take the Bible survey.  The user must submit their name and their email address.  This is important information when it comes to following up with the user in the future.

What is the Bible Survey?

The Bible survey is an excellent tool for interacting with lost souls.  It can be done in a short amount of time and it really gives insight on a persons beliefs.  Now, you have a point of reference when you follow up with these individuals.

How long does the process take to get going?

We work pretty fast!!  Depending on what features you are looking to implement.  The listing page can be customize and landing pages built in a short amount of time.

What is the Bible Bot?

The Bot is another powerful tool in the arsenal of Christians.  The bot is a program that interacts with an individual without the need for a Christian to answer all of the users questions.  The powerful feature of the Bot is that a Christian can take over the conversation when needed.

How do I get the Bot?

We will design the Bot for you.  It can have some custom features to help answer specific questions posed by the users.

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