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11 things I learned from my dad

In memory of
Grady Jones I


I'm so thankful!!

I would like to thank God for giving me my father.  I would like to thank my father for everything that he taught me.  Many times as a teen or young adult you think that you already know everything.  And, you believe that the things that you know came by osmosis.  As you grow older you understand that someone taught you the things that you know.
As a kid I always looked up to my father.  I wanted to be like him.  I spent many days in the summer time working on the church building or on one of his rental properties in Petersburg, VA.  I use to hope and wish that I wouldn’t have to go to work but he would always come to find me and take me with him.  I hated it!  I wanted to hang around the neighborhood and play with my friends.  I must admit, I was glad when he paid me!!  I use to cry when I had to go, after the day got going I settled in with my work and kept it moving.  
I would like to say RIP Grady Jones I, and thank you for being my father and teacher…. 

11 Things that I learned...

1. How to be saved according to the Bible...

Sometimes people think it's a curse growing up with parents who are members of the Lord's church. That's a blessing!!
I'm glad I never had to unlearn man made doctrines.
As I speak to people, that always comes up. This is my mamma, or grand pa church. That's where I'm going to stay!!

3. Invest in Real Estate

Since I use to work with my dad on his houses, I wanted to owe real estate. I was able to buy, rent and sell houses too. The best properties that I use to own was a 12 unit and 8 unit building in a nice part of Norfolk, VA. I'm happy to say my passion is the Lord's church and lost souls now...

5. Visionary

Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18. I believe that that's referring to a prophetic vision from God. But if there is no vision of what we can accomplish for the Lord, based on his word, won't we still perish?
We would drive by a vacant lot and dad would say, "Grady we can buy that land and build a house on it." I'm always seeing what can be!! How sad it must be to be stuck in your current condition and not use the mind to see a bright and limitless future for God!

2. Care for lost souls..

My father was the minister for the church of Christ in Petersburg, VA. I remember buses and vans picking up adults and kids taking them to church.
Visiting ministers would come, the gospel would be preached and people would obey it. The church grew! I still meet brothers and sisters who knew my dad and some of them were baptized by him.

4. The one church.

I learned about the church of Christ from my father. Jesus promised to build 1. Matthew 16:18. I know man will say that the 48,000 denominations and churches make up the 1 church. That's not even good common sense, let alone scriptural. They also say the 48,000 faiths make up the one faith of the Bible. hmmmm. Thanks dad for teaching me the truth!

6. Care for your community.

Ok, you have a car and a house and that's good, but have you reached out to those in need in your community? Drugs, homelessness, abuse, fighting, murders and more is going on around us. Jesus wants us to be the light of the world. We all should want to improve in this area.
Mom and Dad cared for those in need and I saw it on a daily basis.

Items 7-11

7. How to fix stuff

After working with dad for so long I became quite handy.  Especially, when it comes to remodeling houses.  I have spent so much time working on houses that it’s not funny.  Whether, it was roofing, siding, going under houses, or building additions, I have seen a lot.  I won’t say I’ve seen it all.  But, I thank dad for giving me a skill that I can used to make some cash and help other make a little cash as well!
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8. Work alone if you have to...

I  understand that working alone isn’t always the best way to get things done.  But, there are times when you must work alone.  You have to be able to see a project through to completion even if you are the only one who believes in the project.  Countless leaders have labored without praise for their efforts.  That did not stop them.  Paul stated at his first defense no man stood by him, but the Lord stood by him and that’s all that mattered.
2 Timothy 4:16


9. Don't be average!

The Lord doesn’t want us to be average.  Revelations 3:16.  The waters that flowed to and fro from Laodicea could be used for massaging the body if it was hot, it could be used for drinking if it was cold.  But, lukewarm water is no good for anything but to be vomited!
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10. Don't give up!

Matthew 24:13 teaches the principle that we must endure to the end.  How many times have you wanted to give up but you kept on going?  Maybe the word of the minister or a faithful brother or sister encouraged you not to give up.  Be thou faithful unto death.  I will give you a crown of life…Revelations 2:10

Sometimes we quit on the Lord if someone says something negative to us or if we hear that someone has been talking bad about us.  DON”T GIVE UP!!

A picture of the Church of Christ

11. Be Strong!

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might! Ephesians 6:10

God doesn’t want us to be a bunch of weaklings.  Jesus went through so much suffering for us to enjoy the spiritual blessings we have in Christ.  I pray that we will all be strong in and for the Lord!!

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Thank you dad for all that you have done for me and all that you taught me. I love you!!!
Grady Jones II

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